Saturday, November 11, 2017

Turtle Creek Fine Arts Festival

Turtle Creek Fine Arts Festival takes place in Reverchon Park located in the heart of Dallas.

Artists display their talent along giant Maple Trees loosing their golden leaves.

Reverchon Park is a 43 acre community park shared by Dallas residents.

White tents hold treasures of art, jewelry, photography and pottery.
Dog walkers come to get exercised and see a possible mural for display in their living rooms.
Stone bridges connect a community of artists who display their creative talents under the tapestry of giant trees.
Holiday gifts are to be found at Zephyr Creations who make jewelry a work of art.
Multicolored leaves fall on concrete ledges to show autumn patterns of delight.
Water trickles to form straight lines of droplets.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush at Barnes and Noble for Book Signing of Sisters First

It was a thrill to see the beautiful sisters, Jenna Bush Hager  and Barabra Pierce  Bush at the book signing of their newly released book Sisters First. So many people came to Barnes and Noble they had to be organized and have four times to even wait in line.  The sisters signed every book with a warm smile and photograph.

Barnes and Noble was packed with men and women who wanted to get their new book autographed by the special twins.
I overheard stories in line of how twins have a special bond.
 Doctor Boyd happened to be next to me in line with his lovely wife.  He told me he had delivered the twins and had a special letter from Former President George W Bush and First Lady Barbara to prove his story.  After I had a brief chat with Doctor Boyd  a nice man escorted  him to the front of the line.
 I got a close up of the primary source that showed their photograph and special letter of thanks.
 People in line were enthusiastic to see the twins upclose.  Jenna Bush Hager is a correspondent on the NBC's Today Show.  Barbara Pierce Bush is the CEO and co founder of Global Health Corps. an organization that mobilizes a global community of young leaders to build the movement for health equity.  They take an innovative approach to solving some of the world's biggest health challenges.
It was an honor to meet Jenna and Barbara. They were born into a political dynasty in front of the American Public.  They watched their grandfather become President.  They were twelve years old when their father also became the leader of the United States of America.  Secret Service agents became apart of their daily lives as they watched over the twins.  The book is a deeply personal anthology of revealing stories from their lives.  Their personal bond of loyalty to each other is the foundation for their tales.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Autumn at the Dallas Arboretum

Autumn at the Dallas Arboretum is a blast to the senses as you walk into the magical place of bright orange pumpkins, people taking photos of their loved ones, and sweet flowers in the air.

Follow the yellow brick road to the enchanted world of make believe as Dorothy lands in the land of Oz.
Auntie Em misses Dorothy in her little pumpkin house.
The characters come alive as children walk through muchkin land and discover their favorite gourd.
Tom Thumb helped to sponsor the land where children can take a pumpkin home.
Tin Man says I want a pumpkin too.
Scarecrow just needs to be with his friends.
Welcome to Emerald City.
A white carriage framed with hearts will take you to any destination.  
Pumpkins with long stems shine with the backdrop of yellow flowers.
They come in all shapes and sizes.
"I found the perfect shape," says a little muchkin.
Bees buzz with delight because Autumn is perfect for sipping sweet nectar.
Purple and Red horses carry you to a fun day in the sun.
Seventy Five thousand pumpkins are placed so children and adults will feel the spirit of Autumn.
Bring your loved one to this magical place.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas kicked off its opening weekend with cultural dancing, delicious fried food, incredible vendors, Texas Star Ferris Wheel, Creative Arts Building Ribbons, Texas History, live music and the spirit of Texas. 

I entered the gates with a big Texas greeting.

There was a big Texas smile as I purchased my ticket for only eighteen dollars at the front gate.
I followed the sound of music as a set of dancers were joining hands as they moved to the beat of the drums.
The Continental Oak House  was standing proud and strong showing the flags of Texas.
We were greeted with the sound of music along side a red glass Texas Boot.
George Washington would be pleased to see history is being preserved so generations can view primary sources.
Daughters of the American Republic explained to me secret messages were hidden in the petticoats of ladies as they were fighting for liberty from England.
Signers of the Declaration of Independence was held tightly with a red, white, and blue ribbon.
Artifacts of hundreds of years ago are displayed in glass cases.
Next door is the Women's Museum.
The words of Susan B Anthony are transcribed on the giant wall as I enter the door.  "Treat the world well." is in bold letters at the top.  

Photographic displays of strong  women tell a story of  courage.
Latino music has a great heritage.
Fabric of pink designed by creative women show talent in making a shawl to drape across shoulders of love.
Women's Museum helps ladies to interact with ideas and their own special culture.
Walk down the open area of blue waters and buildings built in 1936 at Fair Park.  The Texas Centennial Exposition was held for a six month event.  Architects George Dahl and Paul Cret designed the amazing structures of art.  
Dancers tell a story with the movement of expressive arms and the rhythm
of music.  At the State Fair of Texas groups of women want to tell of a story of their country.
The sound of live music spreads across the crowd of listeners.
Crowds of people can buy from vendors as they listen the lively sounds.
Families gather together as they have fun seeing the sights and sounds of life.
Texas became an independent nation in 1836 from Mexico.  Yet the culture and flavor of Spain remains alive in the hearts of Texans.  It is apart of our history.
Delicious food is found in many varieties at the State Fair of Texas.

 Big Tex gives everyone a warm welcome.
The original Fletcher's Corny Dog is celebrating seventy five years of delicious flavor.  I like it with yellow mustard..

The giant Texas Star is fun  to ride because you can see down below all of the people having fun.
The delicious snowcone was invented at the State Fair of Texas by a food vendor names Sam Bert.  His son Sonny runs the business now.  He wanted to invent a machine that could make a lot of snowcones at the same time.  His dad held six patents, starting in 1928.  The patent says he made improvements to ice shaving.  The original patent created the idea of shaving pieces of ice.
Each year the Cotton Bowl holds the battle between OU and Texas Football.  I wonder who will win this year?  Lots of people come out to see.  My dad always had season tickets to OU because he graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Law.  My son also graduated from OU Law School. 
Fair Park is a beautiful place to host the State Fair of Texas.  Families ride on beautiful swans in the pond.
The State Fair of Texas displays creative photographs and artwork  at  Kid's Korner.  Children submit their photographs to a panel of experts in order for them to be displayed.

Ribbons are given for creative expression.
Jams are judged to see which tastes the most fruity.
Each hand made quilt tells a story.
Large amounts of butter are carved to display portraits of famous people.   They butter must be kept cool.  
Ribbons are given for creative expressions with yarn.
The Dallas Bridge connecting major highways won a price in the photographic competition.
Creative people come together to display their talents at the State Fair of Texas.

Big Tex hopes you had a good time.  See you next year.  Howdy and Aloha.