Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bed and Breakfast and other stories

My mom and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Oklahoma City the night before Doris Jean McPherson Gary's Memorial. I read through the journal entries and added another one...

"I'm going to break tradition and say I wasn't here for an anniversary with my hubby, though it would have been a fun time.  I was here with my 88 year old mom Sue. Doris Jean, her first cousin, had just passed so we came to Oklahoma City for Doris's Memorial Service. We had a blessed time just being together and sharing stories, even if they were the same stories I heard as a child. They seemed even more special as she sat in a pale ivory love seat with her pink gown draping across her shoulders. Her words will be etched in my memory. She's sleeping now. She looks heavenly with her arm across her forehead and hand on her chest."

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