Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ducks In My Pool

"The ducks are back." I ran to tell my sons Alex and Michael.
I saw Momma Duck's head peaking through the tall green grass at the edge of our backyard pool. Each spring a family of Mallard Ducks chose our pool as a safe place to make their nest and lay on their eggs in hope they will hatch. For over ten years my family witnessed the cycle of newborn life as the ducks returned to our pool. Mallard Ducks mate for life and we participated in their love story.
The first year we saw Momma and Daddy Duck Alex and Michael were in their tweens. We awoke to the sound of squawking.
"Whats that loud noise?," Alex said as he looked out the window. We all ran to the family room to see.
We saw two ducks playfully swimming in our pool's crystal blue water as if they had found the Ritz Carlton Pond. We thought it was strange for ducks not to know the difference. We went back to our normal routine of getting ready for work and school. Several weeks later, I noticed twelve white eggs put together in a circle shape of love. I brought the neighbor kids to see the carefully prepared nest of twigs, feathers, and grasses intertwined. I watched Momma Duck faithfully lying on her eggs night after night. Mallard Ducks sit on their eggs for twenty-eight days because the soon to be ducklings need warmth to grow. There was since of comfort knowing she was there so dutifully.

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