Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God Works All Things Together For the Good

I am reminded of the scripture God works all things together for the good to them that love God  Romans 8:28

Doris was my mom's first cousin. Doris and Sue were like sisters.  My grandmother Maud and Great Uncle Oscar loved each other deeply.  Their bond was security when things were rocky and they both needed family.  Doris lived on a farm next to my moms on the outskirts of Oklahoma City when land was plentiful and farms were a way to make a living and get food on the table.

Uncle Oscar brought his sister Maud from Arkansas when she was only sixteen years old.  She didn't know her brother because she stayed behind after their mother divorced Grandpa McPherson.  Grandpa McPherson took his son with him but left his daughter behind.   Maud raised eight step children and was happy to have a break from her duties on Moon Hill.  So she took a chance and left Arkansas with her brother for the unknown land of Oklahoma.  The land became prosperous and felt like home.

Maud married and established roots. It turns out Maud had adjoining farms with her brother.     My mom use to go over to Cousin Doris, Cousin Clara Mae and Cousin Harold's home to play. Doris was a beautiful baby and was fun to dress her up in doll clothes.  Her best friend had a sister she dressed up so Sue thought Doris was the perfect baby to play house with.  Clara was a little older and wanted to be just like Sue.

As the families grew together their lives intertwined and love grew.  Oscar's kids played with Maud's.   Maud helped Oscar's family when mother Opal passed away.  Doris was only three so they needed a mother's tender touch.  Maud came over if one of the children had an ear ache.  She used a secret herb to help sooth the pain.  She came over if the girls needed advice.

The farms were far away from a church so the church came to them.  Putman City Baptist Church sponsored a satellite preacher who set up a tent revival in Bethany near their farms.  The preacher was on fire for God and spoke the truth.  My mom said people were moved by the Holy Spirit.  One lady stood up in the tent and confessed  to an affair she had been having for years.  Her husband forgave her and they hugged and wept together.  Many people cried out they needed Jesus to forgive them of their sins and went up to the front to make their confessions of faith.  Clara Mae, Doris Jean, Harold and my mother were all baptized in the river near by.

Years passed and children were born. Families were established but their ties to one another stayed strong.  When Doris passed her nephew Harold arranged for the preacher to give her memorial service.  Her service took place at Tenth Street Baptist Church in Bethany Oklahoma.  The same place where the tent had once stood a church took its place.  All the family was there to rejoice in their faith and celebrate Doris's life.  All things do work together for the good to them who that love God.

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