Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 24th A Life In A Day Experiment

I decided to be apart of the experiment,Life In A Day, by director Kevin MacDonald.   He is famous for his movie, The Last King of Scots.  All over the world people were invited to make videos of their day.  He ask the questions.

What do you love?
What do you fear?
What makes you laugh?
What is in your pocket?

Ridley Scott  also suggested filming a sunrise or sunset.  So I woke up quite early on July 24th and filmed the sunrise.  The colors were so beautiful right in my backyard.  God has always loved me through nature and the colors of coral, china blue and soft pink were so soothing.  How many times does God give us fantastic sunsets and we ignore them because we are sleeping or getting ready for work.  God's love is for us everyday right at our fingertips.

 Next I filmed my computer screen changing numbers because it symbolizes how interconnected we are by just pushing a button.  It's only a machine but alive with the ability to communicate with so many people.  In the last year I have joined the internet world of UTube, Blogging, CnnIreports, and Flicker.  So many people like them because its a chance to express yourself.  We were given a God given need to create.

I answered the question What do I love? by filming my husband Jim.  He had just made his delicious potatoes and onions with a sprinkle of lemon juice.  Its a tradition on Saturday morning so the smell of fried potatoes fills our home.  My friend Mary came over so we could attend the Christian Writer Conference sponsored by Roaring Lambs.  I was able to film both of them eating the scrumptious breakfast.

I filmed some of the presenters in the conference.  Karol Ladd wrote," The Power of a Positive Woman."  She inspired us not to give up writing because everyone has a message to share.  I saw many of my friends from the Dallas Christian Writers Guild.  Another speaker said, " We will change the world one book at a time."

Mary and I celebrated what we learned at the conference over a meal.  My favorite place to dine is Obzeets because of the waterfall and gold fish outside.   Sparkling lights fill the ceiling and flowers are attached to the walls.  I filmed Mary answering the question what did she learn?  I also answered the question what do I love?  I love friends who listen but don't judge.

I later went shopping and filmed the Christian Books at Tom Thumb.  June Hunt's book was right there.  It was so exciting because I just met her a few hours before.  I filmed the chips and candy section and labeled it the forbidden isle to answer the question What do I fear?

Alex filmed me answering the question What did I learn from the conference.  I got teary eyed so didn't post it to Utube but sent it to Kevin MacDonald secretly.   I answered the question by saying many presenters had gone through trials but God was there with His presence.   One presenter lost her daughter.  Another presenter had a difficult childhood to discover her dad had three families.  But they discovered through their faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit was there to give them peace.

My last film was of the sunset in my backyard.  It was beautiful of course.  I showed the bluebonnet bird feeder I had purchased at the Bluebonnet Festival.  I showed the orange trumpet vines, the same vine I saw growing in Italy.

I thanked God for the gift of life on July 24th.  I can't wait to see the movie in January so I can see how the world lived the day.

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