Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lasting Friends Julie and Laura

I am blessed to have lasting friends I've known since junior high, Laura and Julie.  Each time we get together we talk, laugh, cry, and share our hearts.  Its like putting your feet into comfortable slippers.  They've been around for years and maybe you don't wear them every night, but when you do, they feel like the same slippers from years before.  They feel familiar and soothing.

Our favorite place to talk is hanging out by Laura's pool.  It has a tropical feel like the beach, or some far away place you've always wanted to visit.  Beach boy music plays in the background as we tell old stories about boys we use to date, or friends we use to know.

"Remember how we use to play spades every day at lunch in 9th grade?  Remember our first year at Texas Tech  when we lived in Chitwood.  We use to smell cows on our way to the mess hall.  Sometimes it was so strong it took away your appetite. The smell was a reminder we went to college in the heart of West Texas where cowboys wore hats and Charlie Pride played on our radios."

Laura was there when my dad died.  She helped me in the kitchen serve the ladies mint ice tea and cold potato salad.  She even helped clean up the dishes while we talked to guests.  Julie was overseas teaching military students but was so good to call and ask how I was.  She said I wish I could be there.

Every good thing comes from God so I know Laura and Julie are a gift.

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