Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eight Ducklings Swimming in our Pool

The ducklings finally hatched and we saw eight swimming in our pool. At first they swam close to their mother. When Momma Duck left for food they huddled together in a circle shape of protection. After a while they ventured away to practice swimming on their own. The ducklings usually stayed for just a day to quickly leave for the creek a half mile from our home. It was fun to watch them the short time they were there. I was amazed how they followed mother duck's every move. This animal behavior is called imprinting.
Each March I watched for the Momma and Daddy Duck to swim in our pool. It was the first sign they were back. Year after year they came. My neighbor Jos had her own routine. She liked to feed the birds every day in her front yard. Squirrels came to feed out of her hand. Her yard was a haven for all animals.
"I saw the ducks again. The male duck has a limp this year. They seemed to be starved because they gobble the food." Jos explained. "The Daddy Duck always lets the Momma Duck go first." Mallard Ducks mate for life.

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