Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Ducks?

The family of ducks who visited our home have been a part of our lives for over ten years. I wanted to capture their beauty with pictures and words. I think they have been a metaphor for the truth that God is our hiding place. The Lord is our safe place and we can find refuge in Him just like the ducklings found safety under their mother's wings. When we trust in Him and follow his direction He is our shield. He will cover us with his feathers. If I start to worry and grow weary, I pray and visualize his protection covering me with His Love. He is like big and small shields over us every day as we trust in Him and ask for his guidance. In this world of What Ifs, its comforting for me to believe God wants what is best for me and has a plan for my life. I want to walk in gratefulness when I wait in a long line, or driving on the freeway and a car dashes in front of me, or when someone hurts me I can see they are carrying their own burden. God help me not to complain but rejoice in knowing You ARE IN CONTROL.

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