Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kenmare, Ireland

Ireland was more amazing than I expected.  Jim was brave enough to travel by car on the left side of the road so we were able to see things most tourists can't see from a travel bus.  Kenmare, Ireland was our favorite place of all.  It was located in the southwest part of Ireland.

We stayed at O'Donnabains, a local restaurant and B @ B  in the heart of the town.  It was run by a sweet married couple, Jer, who ran the place and his wife Vanessa, the talented chef.  I noticed how hard both of them worked as a team. She served us a traditional Irish Breakfast every morning with a smile. Jer worked late hours serving the customers with a friendly hello and delivering the delicious cuisine Vanessa created.  But in the afternoon when business was slow, they sat side by side at an outside table going over expense receipts.  I witnessed a closeness seldom see.   It seemed they had a common goal, run a successful business with love and respect. I saw him talk to her with gentleness and love.

On Sunday morning I attended Mass at the local Church,Trinity Cathedral.  The place was filled with standing room only.  I saw grown men kneel in honor of their Savior.  No wonder the town seemed protected from the outside influences.   Kenmare had an innocence of times gone by.

We had a blast listening to Irish Music with an Australian couple with similar interests.  We were both empty nester's and talked about our grown kids.  He was a hard working fireman and she just quit her job to plan the trip across Europe.  It seemed making friends was easy in the layed back town of Kenmare.

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