Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who Inspired You To Love Food?

My Mom's kitchen is filled with warmth and love.  Her kitchen was made in the 50's with pink and black.  But I think the colors fit her perfectly and shes never changed the tile.  Every maple cabinet is filled with pots and pans, flour, English China, and of course her favorite iron skillet.  She says her kitchen is handy with all of the things she needs to cook with.  All of her spices are organized on one shelf so easy to find.

She loves to open her home for guests.   Every Christmas her Methodist Ladies Group comes for fellowhip and food.  She loves getting ready and prepares her latest decorations.  She designed her living room with her sewing machine from her 20's.  The fabric was carefully chosen from Cutting Corners and styled from her own imagination.

My mom is amazing and we all love her She did inspire me to love food and the good things in life.

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