Saturday, August 28, 2010

York, England

My husband and I went to York  this summer, in northern England. The picture is of the church, York, Minister, rich in history.  We took a tour, one of my favorite things to do and learned the Emperor Constantine acturally came to the church.  He was the first Christian that was an Emperor of Rome and ended the persecution of the Church.  I'm glad that happened.  He had a vision of Christ so he believed.  Archeologists have researched the site so the tourist can go below the church and see the levels of time periods and growth.

We were blessed that the sun came out because it does rain a lot in England.  The town people thought it was a holiday and wore sun dresses and tropical shirts.  I thought I was in Hawaii by looking at the people's clothes.  A festival was going on so I got great pics of unusual things like a man dressed up like a plant and I saw a question mark running around.  I liked the pic of the man selling candy probably because I like candy.  I got to tour a castle that was turned into a museum, another favorite thing to do.  I enjoyed reading about the history of women doing laundry.

We ate the most delicious Indian Food I've ever tasted in my entire life.  During the entire dinner I kept saying this is sooooo good.  I wanted to hug the chef.  The owner was so kind and was from India too, so I imagine that's why the food was do delicious.  I wanted the recipes.

We also went to a Viking Museum and learned about the history of their voyages.  They were excellent at building ships and sailing.  Some people say they were the first to discover America.  We rode similar to Epcot Center, where the Vikings seemed like real people wearing authentic clothes and living in shelters from long ago.

I feel grateful we got to see such a wonderful town, on a sun shinny day, with interesting people and the best Indian Food I've ever had.  

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