Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bobby and Amber's Magical Wedding

My husband and I attended Bobby and Amber's magical wedding this weekend at the Adolphus Hotel.   Laura's son exchanged wedding vows with his high school sweetheart.  I have known  Laura since sixth grade.  We shared a dorm room  at Texas Tech on the 12th floor of Chitwood Hall.  She met Johnny her junior year and love blossomed into a beautiful southern bell marriage with matching hats.  Bobby and my son Alex have the same birthdays.  Laura came to the hospital room the evening Alex was born after a long day of Bobby's Six Year Ninja Turtle Birthday Party.  Laura always made a handmade lovingly decorated cake for each child's birthday.

As I watched the wedding rituals of first dance, cutting the cake, and passing the bouquet it felt soothing to know   traditions are still alive.  Amber was so gracious to visit every table with a smile and hug.  Bobby greeted his dad's high school buds with a familiar joke as if to say alls well with the world.  I married the most beautiful, sweet, kind woman today and I know my future is filled with blessings with God's grace.

We sat at the parent's friends table and felt honored to be invited.  We shared a common bond of Texas Tech memories.  The cell phone was passed to see the latest score of the Tech Game. We held our hands high with the Red Raider sign to show our support.

I'm having flashbacks of the wedding ceremony when the minister said how kind and thoughtful Bobby and Amber were.  They were so grateful their parents provided them a loving home, paid for their college education, and helped guide them to a bright future.  They know how important family is because they lived it.

Weddings are milestones.  They are a marker to see where we have been and where we are going.  Weddings are a sign of hope, love and new beginnings.  I'm so happy Amber and Bobby chose each other.  They are united in love and committed for life.  Can't wait to see the wonderful blessings in store for them.

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