Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Festival at Homestead Museum in Plano

I attended the Fall Festival at the Homestead Farm  Museum in Plano to make a CNN I Report video about a local landmark.  I chose the Homestead because my children have enjoyed it so much over the years.  Michael made a ramp for his Eagle Scout Project and did some landscaping.  He said the people who work there are very helpful and nice.

The organization exists because of community involvement.  Donations are very important so the farm can still feed their animals and the Victorian Garden can be watered.  The Fall Festival not only gives children a place to celebrate a carnival, it also is a chance for the organization to raise money.

National Honor Society Students were in full force to donate their time so the carnival was a success.  They dressed up in period costumes as they passed out candy to the children.

I asked the High School Honor Students what has the Farm meant to you over the years.  They remembered their third grade field trip with fond memories.

One student said,  " The farm was a way of experiencing the past.  I'm not  just reading history from a book but I'm living it."

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