Monday, November 29, 2010

Eighty Eight and Still Making Gravy

My eighty eight year old mom still likes to have everyone over to her home for Thanksgiving.
  She says,

" I want to keep making the dinner as long as I'm able."

We all felt blessed to sample her homemade rolls twice risen.  The turkey is moist and her gravy is without lumps.  Her secret ingredient is shaking flour and water together in a jar until smooth.  She  gradually adds the flour mixture into the Turkey Broth until it thickens.

I've watched her make the gravy for years but this Thanksgiving seemed more precious.  I wanted to savor every moment she stirred as if years of practice made it seem like second nature.  It was a little more difficult to find her favorite spoon and someone needed to help her put the twenty pound turkey in the oven.

I thought we can learn from someone who lived through the dust bowl days on an Oklahoma Farm.  I want to drink up her laugh, her smell, her hugs.  A memory to last a life time.

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