Saturday, January 1, 2011

TCU Kept the Perfect Season by Winning the Rose Bowl

The Horned Frogs, my alma mater, kept the perfect season and won the Rose Bowl.  Coach Gary Patterson ran a  powerful running game and lead his team to victory. Gary said he received text messages all through the day from little teams saying, win for us.  Andy Dalton threw a touchdown pass and ran for a score.  Andy  completed 65% of his passes for the season.   He ran 219 yards for the winning game.  He gave the glory to God in his victory speech.

As I looked at close up pictures from the game I saw the force and determination each player showed.  Each play fought to win.  Their arms were outstretched to catch the ball or tackle the player from the opposing team.  Bodies were thrown together in a mass of  tangled arms and bruised shoulders.   I hope each team feels a since of accomplishment they gave it their all.

I can picture moms and dads remembering all the times they brought their son to football practice.   Perhaps a flashback of their first team picture came to their minds.  All of the sliced oranges fed to the players as nourishment to keep going despite the pain.  The character traits of doing your best, never quitting, and perseverance were taught at home and on the field.

Congratulations to TCU for a job well done.  You proved you could play and win the big guys.  Its an inspiration to all of us to never give up, never give in, never say never.

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