Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday Alex and Happy Chinese New Year

Alex, my son, turns twenty one today, February 3rd.  The years have gone by so quickly.  I remember how blessed I felt the first time I saw his wonderful face.  I thought what a gift from God.  He has grown to be a mature young man attending a University and majoring in Economics and Business.  I am grateful he has found something he is interested in.

 He has always loved telling stories and listening to them.  One day he came home from Pre-School and I asked him what he had learned?  He told me a five minute story the Preschool teacher had read that day.  It was almost like he was reading it from a book.  I started reading to him in the womb because I read newborns can recognize your voice.  The minute he was born we made eye contact and I felt he knew me.  We had a game we played about making up stories and his was always very creative.

  May Alex's story be an interesting one on this journey of life.  I also want to say Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate!!!Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!! 

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