Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sixty-eighth Anniversary of the Broadway Play Oklahoma

It is the sixty eighth anniversary of the Broadway play Oklahoma.  It appeared on Broadway March 31st 1943.  I remember seeing the movie with Grandma Palmer as a child.  It was my first memory of seeing a movie because I was only five years old.  She  died the next year.  I loved my grandmother because I felt her love for me.  So every time I hear of the wonderful play Oklahoma it reminds me of her.  I can imagine the entire country being so excited about the play because it was about the ideals and values of the average American living in a small town.  The kind of town where everyone knows your name, goes to the local church, and square dance on Saturday night.  In 1943 many loved ones were serving in WWII.  In fact my father was an Intelligence Officer who deciphered Morris Code on a submarine.  I can imagine my grandmother so worried about my father and wanting him to come home safely.  Perhaps the play came at just the right time.  It was a time in American History where the people needed something to take their mind off of their troubles.  It was a time where people needed to be reminded of what we were fighting for. We were fighting for the wholesome values of our country.  We were fighting for  freedom from  tyranny. Maybe it is a good time to remind Americans we still need those values today.   

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prince William's Bachelor Party

Prince Harry is throwing his brother, Prince William a Bachelor Party this weekend.  Twenty of William's closest friends were chosen.  Mr Pelly is a good friend of both brothers and is helping Harry plan the festivities.  Prince Harry will leave for the North Pole soon after the party to help raise money for wounded soldiers.

During the day the men plan to travel on speed boats down the cold English Channel.  They enjoy skiing and having a good time.  At night they have several pubs in mind but are not disclosing the locations.

 So watch out Prince William and be safe.  Don't let your friends talk you into anything too wild.  I think its sweet Prince Harry is planning his brother a party.  They seem very close to each other.

The truth
It seems William chose to have a close knit group of friends have his bachelor party at an estate. I think it showed wisdom to celebrate this joyous occasion with close friends. William's brother Harry was leaving for the North Pole the next day and it was good to have plenty of rest. The occasion was celebrated in secrecy and his friends swore to silence. It seems trust is very important to William.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

William and Kate's Wedding A Match Made In Heaven by Sandra Kent  Check out the link to the article I wrote for CNN I Reports along with Showbiz tonight with fabulous Brooke Anderson.  I am a big fan of William and Kate and would love to have the opportunity to cover their wedding with Showbiz tonight on CNN. Brooke Anderson is flying to London to cover the Royal Wedding. Anyone can join the contest.  You just have to submit why you would be a good candidate.  If you are chosen CNN will fly you to London to help cover the Royal Wedding.  I decided to have the video not be about me, but about Prince William and Kate Middleton.  They make such a lovely couple.

Kate and Williams Wedding

Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patrick A Lesson In Forgiveness

Saint Patrick's life is a lesson in forgiveness.  He was raised in a noble family in England in the 5th century.  He had a happy childhood with his family and friends.  We know a lot about his life because he wrote an  autobiography before he died at 67.

When he was sixteen his whole life changed.  He was captured by Irish Pirates who invaded his peaceful village and made him a slave.  He was taken from his family and friends and did not speak the language.  They took him to Ireland, and made him a shepard in charge of a flock of sheep.  He relied on his faith of childhood and prayed to God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit every day.  During this time he developed a deep faith in God and relied on Him to give peace during this battle of loneliness.

At the age of twenty one God gave him a dream  of a plan to escape from slavery.  He acted on the dream and started walking to the ocean.  He had to walked 200 miles to reach shore but when he got there he saw a ship that was so clearly seen in his dream.  He wanted to get on the ship but the person in charge was afraid he was a runaway slave so the captain kicked him off.  Patrick prayed, oh please show me the way God.  Moments later the captain said I noticed when you were on the ship my dogs were quiet.
"I think I will let you back on the ship to quiet the dogs and have a nice journey." said the captain.

The ship landed in England, the land of his birth.  But the journey wasn't over.  He had to walk hundreds of miles to reach his homeland.  He traveled with some members of his ship and they cried to Patrick,
"If your God is so great ask Him to bring us food," complained the crew.  Patrick prayed and all of a sudden a herd of wild pigs came upon the travelers.  They feasted for days and celebrated their stomachs were full.

Patrick finally made it home to his friends and family.  They were so happy to see him after all of these years of wondering what happened to him.  Patrich enjoyed being in the safe home of his parents and rested for years.  He was still called to His faith which brought him through years of loneliness.  He had a dream which said, "Patrick, you need to go back to Ireland to share God's love with them."  He struggled  with the idea since the Irish had made him a slave for so many years.  But God kept giving him the dream and he couldn't turn his back.

He decided to become a priest.  He had missed  many years of school so he had to study for years.  He finally became a priest and shared his dream of returning to Ireland with the authorities in the church.  They felt he was not ready to endure such a task so they told him to wait.  Patrick was around forty years old when he finallly got the okay to return to Ireland.

Patrick prepared his supplies before the long journey to Ireland.  He brought with him other dedicated priests,  nuns, a baker, and various helpers needed for the mission.  When he landed he announced his coming with the beat of a drum.  At the time Ireland was a tribal society ruled by leaders who were Druids.  Patrick told the truth of God's love. God sent his only begotten Son Jesus, that if they believe in Him they will have eternal life.  The leader of the tribe was touched by God's Spirit and became a believer in Jesus.  His whole tribe followed his lead and the first Christians of Ireland became a community.

Patrick and his fellow brothers of the faith went from town to town to tell the good news of Christ's love.  During his time in Ireland Patrick was used by God to start 300 churches and baptized 120 thousand followers of the faith.  Many attempts were made on his life because the chief's of the villages were threatened their power would be taken away.  Patrick has become the Patron Saint of Ireland because of his committment to share the Gospel with he same people who had captured him as a slave.   So I think his life is a lesson in forgiveness to love the people who had once mistreated you.  These pictures were taken last summer on our wonderful trip to Ireland.  I imagined Saint Patrick praying to God for help as he relied on the Holy Spirit for guidance. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ducks In Front Yard

My husband says, "The ducks are in our front yard." 
I go outside to take a look and there they are side by side under our Live Oak Tree.  My neighbor Jos comes out to give the latest update. 
"They fed out of the dish this morning and later moved to your yard.  They seem so hungry.  They enjoy to drink the fresh water I poured this morning." explained Jos.
Another neighbor came out with her two little girls. 
"These are the ducks who have been in our pool." said the neighbor across the street. 
"My little girls wake up and wonder if the ducks are swimming in our pool."
Yes the Ducks in my Pool have other followers too.  I'm wondering where is Momma Duck going to make her nest this year?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ducks In Jos's Pool

Ducks In Jos's Pool

My neighbor Jos has been feeding ducks, squirrels and all kind of birds for over ten years.  I think she is a big part of why I have Ducks In My Pool because she feeds all kinds of animals.  Momma and Daddy Duck enjoy Jos's pool too.  They bath in the sun and enjoy each other's company.  Jos loves animals and enjoys watching their behavior and habitat.