Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prince William's Bachelor Party

Prince Harry is throwing his brother, Prince William a Bachelor Party this weekend.  Twenty of William's closest friends were chosen.  Mr Pelly is a good friend of both brothers and is helping Harry plan the festivities.  Prince Harry will leave for the North Pole soon after the party to help raise money for wounded soldiers.

During the day the men plan to travel on speed boats down the cold English Channel.  They enjoy skiing and having a good time.  At night they have several pubs in mind but are not disclosing the locations.

 So watch out Prince William and be safe.  Don't let your friends talk you into anything too wild.  I think its sweet Prince Harry is planning his brother a party.  They seem very close to each other.

The truth
It seems William chose to have a close knit group of friends have his bachelor party at an estate. I think it showed wisdom to celebrate this joyous occasion with close friends. William's brother Harry was leaving for the North Pole the next day and it was good to have plenty of rest. The occasion was celebrated in secrecy and his friends swore to silence. It seems trust is very important to William.

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