Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sixty-eighth Anniversary of the Broadway Play Oklahoma

It is the sixty eighth anniversary of the Broadway play Oklahoma.  It appeared on Broadway March 31st 1943.  I remember seeing the movie with Grandma Palmer as a child.  It was my first memory of seeing a movie because I was only five years old.  She  died the next year.  I loved my grandmother because I felt her love for me.  So every time I hear of the wonderful play Oklahoma it reminds me of her.  I can imagine the entire country being so excited about the play because it was about the ideals and values of the average American living in a small town.  The kind of town where everyone knows your name, goes to the local church, and square dance on Saturday night.  In 1943 many loved ones were serving in WWII.  In fact my father was an Intelligence Officer who deciphered Morris Code on a submarine.  I can imagine my grandmother so worried about my father and wanting him to come home safely.  Perhaps the play came at just the right time.  It was a time in American History where the people needed something to take their mind off of their troubles.  It was a time where people needed to be reminded of what we were fighting for. We were fighting for the wholesome values of our country.  We were fighting for  freedom from  tyranny. Maybe it is a good time to remind Americans we still need those values today.   

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