Saturday, April 23, 2011

Duck Love Story by Jos My Wonderful Neighbor

For the past 10 years or more, ducks arrive at the pools in our neighborhood in March.

Mama and Papa Duck swam in my pool almost daily. I did notice however that the male duck was limping a little bit. Over the weeks it got worse and one day he could not fly anymore and had lots of trouble getting out of the pool. Mama Duck disappeared for some time.

Papa Duck stayed in my back yard, limping to the food I put out several times a day. Last week another male duck arrived and got into a big fight with Papa Duck. He even tried to drown Papa. I went outside and chased him away.

The next day, all of a sudden, here was Mama Duck again. Papa Duck went to her right away and they swam around in the pool for about 5 minutes. Mama Duck quacked and flew off. Papa Duck tried to follow her, but alas could not. He fell back into the pool and started quaking loudly, looking into the direction of Mama Duck's Flight.

The next day Mama Duck returned. She stayed longer this time and ate some food. Actually she was starved with Papa Duck at her side. She flew off again, but could not follow her. His limp was awful and he could not even stand on his left leg. This pattern continued for the next few days. During the day, Mama Duck stayed with him, but during the night she was gone. The other male duck also kept returning and fighting with Papa Duck.

Then one day this week, Mama Duck arrived again, and a short day later she flew off!!!!!Yes Papa Duck could fly again!!!

Now they come every morning for breakfast. If I am not early enough in my backyard to feed them, they are sitting in front of my front door!!!

During the day they swim around in my pool.... laying on the deck, sunning themselves and begging for more food. Do they have ducklings? We do not know. Maybe one of these days we will.

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