Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Eve Before William and Kate's Wedding

It is the eve before William and Kate's Wedding. The world has already fallen in love with Kate but when she gets out of the carriage and reveals her dress, you will probably hear the sound of ahhhhh, "how beautiful," in countries near and far. What is even more important to be the successful bride, is loyalty to her husband William. Yes I know they are royalty, but I believe they have the same hopes and dreams of newly married couples. They want to say I love you every day of their lives and feel it. They want to keep the romance alive despite children and pressing engagements. They want to feel the safe place couples in love have. The safe place knowing someone cares about you even when you have the flu and don't look like a princess. The safe place of knowing the love will last a life time.

I want to say congratulations to William and Kate. I still believe in the union of marriage and am so glad it is being celebrated. Britain keeps their traditions alive through rehearsal of well orchestrated events. I can't wait to see the wedding vows said in the ornate Westminster Abbey.

My husband and I were allowed to attend service there at Christmas time, simply because I asked the man at the door. "How do you get one of those passes to let you in?" He laughed and said, "Here just go this way." I had a feeling it was one of those times that I wasn't really suppose to be there but it felt so wonderful to listen to majestic beats from the large organ.

I think the participants in the Abbey will feel every heart beat as William and Kate exchange promises of love and devotion. Their senses will remember every smell, sight, and touch. The music will be just a little more vibrant than usual. Perhaps an old married couple will remember the day they got married and a tear will fall down their cheek.

I think Lady Diana would be delighted her son had found someone with a strength of character. She has already put up with the media and has held her head high. America loves the pageantry and history that our country doesn't have. We all have a need to admire people and we have a sense of duty to admire William and Kate.

I will be one of those that will wake up at 5:00 in the morning so I don't miss a thing. Can't wait to see the pomp and circumstance. Traditions are worth keeping alive because they bring a sense of comfort some things are worth keeping.

Have the best day of your lives so far!!!

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