Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mom Turning Ninety

Our family celebrated my mom's 90th birthday at our favorite place to each Mexican Food, Joe T Garcias in Fort Worth. It's an annual tradition to honor her while eating the best creamy beans in the world. We can't believe she is really ninety because she looks so well and is still living life vibrantly. She has a boyfriend she knew in high school who gives her something to look forward to.

My mom is an amazing woman who survived the Dust Bowl days in Oklahoma. She remembers when her mom covered her face with a wet clothe so she could breath at night. She advanced two grade levels because she was gifted. After going to Business College she became a stenographer and typed 90 words per minute on the manual Underwood Typewriter, one of the fastest scores in her class. She was in charge of a group of women in WWII who kept the files on top secret information from the war. She danced to swing music at the USO club while the men were waiting to get their orders for their assignment in the war. One time a soldier left his banjo but she never heard what happened to him. She passed down the instrument to my son.

Working crossword puzzles everyday has kept her mind sharp. I want to remember all the stories she tells from the past as a link to the present. We can learn wisdom from those who have experienced so much.

We are so grateful she is so healthy at ninety years old.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home Improvement With Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams


It is the eve before we move into our newly remodeled home after the big flood in the summer while we were on vacation. The hose to the upstairs toilet broke and water started flooding down our staircase. Jos our caring neighbor discovered it and called for help. Our contractor did a excellent job guiding us through the process of picking paint colors and choosing the correct lighting fixture. If I called to ask a question he always answered, "How can I help you?" I can see why Tim Allen was so popular in the situation comedy, Home Improvement, because we all like our homes to be a little more efficient, or a little more of whatever the trend is for the decade.

Newly fresh paint on the walls looks like a new beginning. I chose Comfort Gray from Sherwin Williams for the dining room because it matched the floral wing back chairs saved from the flood. I found the paint color on the blog, King of Comfort Gray.  I replaced swags to match  rose walls I painted the year we were married in 1988, to a brocade drapery from Alex. I found the Country French Fabric in Charles Fabre's book so  I was so excited to find the fabric from Cutting Corners which matched the Comfort Gray from Sherwin Wiliams.  I will miss my drapes because they are part of our history.  Many dinners were served in the dining room among the china plates I hung on the wall given to me by Great Aunt Grace.   I can't wait for the boxes from Serpro to be unpacked and all is put back safely in their proper place.
Here are before and after pictures of our dining room.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

San Pedro Harbor at Christmas

Its that time of year to decorate for the holidays. San Pedro Harbor joined in the Spirit of Christmas by decorating boats with festive Christmas lights. San Pedro is one of the largest harbor's of the world in Los Angeles.