Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hermitage, Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

Here is a link to a video I made about the Hermitage Museum in Saint Peters-burg Russia.  It has a vast display of paintings, sculpture, and artifacts from a history of our world.  Our tour guide was amazing as she explained the importance of each painting.  Her depth of knowledge of each time period made the displays more meaningful.  I hope you enjoy the video and get a little idea of how amazing the collections were.  The size of some of the portraits of famous people took your breath away.

The dates are a little mismatched because I redid the video with a different piece of music.

The building itself is spectacular.  I love the contrast of white with green.

Here is one of the grand entrances with a white staircase.

The chandeliers were massive and gold.
See how large the urn is compared to the people.

Some of the paintings told stories of great battle scenes in history.

Eyes from portraits seem to penetrate through time travel.

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