Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Ducks Are Back

    Signs of spring are everywhere; green buds sprout, our Plum Delight has purple blossoms and the ducks are back.  I heard splashing in the pool and ran outside to see.  Momma and Daddy Duck were sitting side by side, just relaxing by the crystal blue water.  Mallard Ducks stay together for life and we have witnessed their love story.

    My neighbor Jos says they've been coming for over twenty years and enjoy her pool.   Momma Duck knows the sound of Jos's voice and seem to listen to her words.  Sometimes Momma goes up to her window to say hello.  I believe they are too old to have ducklings but its fun to see their close connection to each other.  Daddy Duck must fight off other male ducks so sometimes there are feathers in Jos's pool.

   They chose our backyard to make their nest for over ten years so I wonder if it brings back duckling memories to soak in the sun and see our spa ledge.  Momma Duck chose her location wisely because the little fuzzy ducklings hopped onto the spa ledge for safety.  Many ducklings drown because they can't get out.

    Seeing the ducks reminded me of when my two sons first saw the carefully prepared nest with twelve ivory eggs.  For twenty eight days she stayed on the nest to keep them warm.  As I gaze out my window I remember feeling so excited to see twelve ducklings swimming in our pool.  They've been returning year after year so its such a blessing to share the ducks with our wonderful neighbors, Jos and Lou. 

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