Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day After Tornadoes in Dallas

It's the day after tornadoes hitting the Dallas Fort Worth area on April 3rd.  I am grateful to say no one was killed in DFW and our home is still standing.  When you see the videos of trailers flying in the sky you think how close your family was to danger.  It's beyond our norm of reference to see homes leveled to the ground in a matter of seconds.  It's amazing to hear stories of faith as a mother says her teenage sons got on top of her in a bathtub and they happened to pick the only wall standing in their home.  Her son's tux was hanging in the closet for the prom.  She says, "I was praying to the Lord He would protect my sons." A daycare worker sang Jesus Loves the Little Children as they huddled under blankets for protection.  She tried to calm the children as they screamed in terror.  She knew her Lord and Savior would protect them in the storm.  Displays of faith have shown on news reports.  We can call on our Lord in times of trouble and He will deliver us.  

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