Sunday, April 1, 2012

Manhattan Beach Roundhouse Aquarium

      A Moray Eel looked right at us inside the Manhattan Beach Roundtop Aquarium located at the end of a long peer.  We took our two older sons there for a walk along the beach and discovered this gem of education about the ocean.  We saw razor sharp teeth on the mouth of a huge predator, the shark.  We learned about tide pools and were even able to grab a star fish up close.  It is located only twenty miles from the hustle of Los Angeles but the serene landscape makes you think you are on the beaches of Hawaii.  We watched surfers catch the perfect wave and children build sandcastles of fantasy.  The aquarium is free but takes donations for the nonprofit Marine Study and Lab.  There is a place where children can sit down and learn more about native fish to the area.  The organization is dedicated to educating the public about ocean life.  

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