Sunday, May 13, 2012

OU Graduation From Price School of Business 2012

Great advice was given at my sons graduation ceremony from the University of Oklahoma's Price  College of Business.  The speaker said live your life with dignity and pride and stay true to yourself.  Success can be measured in different ways on our life's journey.  Success may be opening up a bakery, being a good mother and father, or buying your first home.  Thank you OU for giving my son a great education with a double major in management and economics.  My dad graduated from the same school in law many years ago.  My ninety year old mom lived her dream when she could see Alex walk down the aisle and have his diploma handed to him.  Many proud parents were in the audience as they watched their son or daughter be recognized for the achievement of staying the path and completing all the requirements, including Calculus to graduate from the wonderful college of Price School of Business.

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