Friday, June 15, 2012

Farmers Market Produce by Sandra Kent - at Barnes and Noble Nook

Farmers Market Produce by Sandra Kent -

 Purchase Farmers Market Produce  from Barnes and Noble's Nook   See link below

  Farmers Market Produce is a  great book for beginning readers because it teaches children about fresh produce in a meaningful way.

  Learn how food is sold at a good price because the fresh fruit and vegetables come from local farms.  The photographs show the colorful display of food fresh from the fields of Texas at the Dallas Farmers Market.  

Here is the story about how the book began:  It started with a question............

We asked our son Alex where he wanted to eat as a family.  He was leaving for senior finals at OU and was awarded the chance to choose.

"I want to go the Dallas Farmers Market and eat there.   Mom I think you'll like it there because its a great place to take pictures."  he explained.

Wow I thought.  What a cool place to go.  He was right.  It was a great place to take photos so I made them into this book.  I was amazed with the sights and sounds of local merchants selling their fresh fruits and vegetables.  They are shipped from local farms so the food tastes delicious.  The vine ripe tomatoes melt in your mouth.

 I'm trying to loose weight so I don't have to feel guilty about eating fresh yellow squash or my favorite deep green broccoli.

Bright red strawberries taste sweet for dessert.

Alex had left for OU so my son Michael actually helped me write the words to describe the colorful produce.

 I'm hoping the book will help young children not only remember their fruits and vegetables but also teach them how to read in a fun way.  

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