Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday Michael

     Michael, my son turns twenty one today, June 27th.  He has been a blessing in our lives from the very beginning we saw his adorable face.   His big greenish blue eyes have such kindness and compassion with everyone he meets.  At five months he started making us laugh by rolling across the floor with great speed to get to the other side.  He was a happy baby and entertained himself by building block castles or making tents under the table.  He loved his super cool bat mobile and ninja turtle helicopters.  He played for hours in the sandbox with his toy cars and dump truck.  When he got older he built entire towns of railed tracks and tunnels with a basket full of Brio Pieces.   In Preschool years, Thomas the Tank Engine was his favorite show as he wrapped himself at night with the cozy blanket with familiar Trains.    All my playgroup friends said, "Michael is so easy going."

     I remember finding his older brother Alex and Michael in the clothes basket pretending they were sailing on a tall ship while eating apples for supplies.  Years later that dream came true because he sailed on a Tall Ship in the Bahamas through Boyscouts High Adventure.  The ship had large sails to navigate the ocean waters and they caught fish to eat.  He had a blast.  When we picked him up from the airport he was covered with blisters from poison ivy.  The scout leader came up and said Michael was amazing because he never complained.   He later became an Eagle Scout doing his community project of landscaping and building a ramp at the Heritage Farmstead Museum.  

     Michael became interested in Science at an early age.  His first Science Fair Project was seeing if ants built more tunnels in the dark.  One ant farm was covered in construction paper. He wrote data and observed the little ants for weeks.  He attached plastic tubing so they had more room to crawl.  He has a desire to go into research with a degree in pharmacy.  He is a junior at The Universtiy of Texas in Dallas with a major in Molecular Biology.  I enjoy listening to him talk about genetics and theories.  His Uncle Max says he can make a difference in this world.  I agree.  

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