Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ducks In My Pool by Sandra Kent - Read at Barnes and Noble Nook

A family of ducks have been visiting our backyard pool for over ten years.  They had not returned for a while but came back the year my youngest son left the nest for college.  I had bought my first digital camera and wanted to take a good picture.  As I began taking photographs I noticed behaviors I had not observed before.  Momma Duck lays on her ducklings all night long to keep them safe from the number one predator the cat.  She sits by the spa ledge so if one of her babies falls into the pool during the night they can hop out easily.  Many ducklings drown because they can't hop out of the pool.  I noticed the wide blue stripe etched with white lines on her wing as it was out stretched to protect her babies.  Daddy Duck came to visit because he was so proud of his young.  He lay side by side Momma Duck as they took a nap in the warm sun.  As they were sleeping their golden lid shined in the warmth.  Momma Duck taught her babies how to hop out of the water over and over until they got it right.  They followed her every  move as this is a natural behavior called imprinting.  She taught them how to dable for insects in the water.  It was so cute to see their webbed feet sticking out of the water as their heads reached for tiny bugs.  Each duckling had their own unique style of behavior.  One duckling had a tendency to go his own way and not follow the crowd.  When it was time to leave for the creek he got left behind.

My son Michael helped me take photos as they were leaving our pool.  We followed them down the alley, down the path of Cyrpe Mytle Trees we planted the year we moved into our home, we followed them down our neighbors yard and watched the ducklings safely cross our street.  They ducked their heads under a neighbors fence so we lost them.  It was so fun Michael was apart of the experience and helped me take photos.  It was the last year he was home before college so it reminded me of him leaving the nest too.

Ducks In My Pool has many emotions for me.  It was a reminder  we need to stay under God's wing for protection.  To see the love Momma Duck has for her ducklings was a visual of the love God has for us.  He watches our every move and wants us to make good decisions in our lives.  He wants us to stay in the shadow of His majestic wing.  I struggle with the evil that happens to children and adults.  But I know God is always there for us emotionally.  He is the source of peace and love.  He can give us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning.  Good always overcomes evil to those that follow His purpose.  

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