Saturday, August 18, 2012

Texas Sized Hail Storm in Dallas August 17th

It was a Texas sized hail storm in our back yard late last night.  My husband and I heard the pounding on the roof and looked outside.  Buckets of rain was pouring down with balls of ice clanging onto the iron table.  Clang Clang Clang as the ice hammered the metal.  It sounded like a thousand carpenters hammering our roof at the same time.  I wasn't sure if my camera could capture the magnitude of all the cylinder shaped ice pellets falling from the sky.  I think the flash captured so many ice balls dropping in different shapes and sizes.  The next day all is peaceful and the remembrance of the hail are torn leaves in our pool.  Life is like this.  Sometimes storms come our way and we think there is no end in sight.  But the storm passes and peace comes.

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