Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Christmas in Dallas

  The snow began gently falling around 2pm in the afternoon on Christmas Day.  My two sons, husband, mom and brother were all in the living room exchanging presents when the snowflakes appeared in the window.  It doesn't snow much in Dallas so it will be a memory to cherish.  Christmas started out slowly as I had the flu and dragged my bones out of bed to put the turkey in the oven around 9oclock.

Michael asked, "Can I help?"
"Yes," I coughed.  "You can make the mash potatoes."

He sliced the entire bag and asked how much butter and milk to put in.  I always have to look it up so we saw several recipes on the internet.  He calculated exactly how much in proportion to the size of the Idaho Potatoes.  We found the mixer and the fluff was coming together.

Alex volunteered to make the gravy as I went back to bed.  He had been experimenting with chicken fried steak gravy so it turned out thick and smooth.  Just perfect.  He also set the table with napkins and china.  I was sooo grateful because I was running a temperature and didn't want to make anyone else sick.

I called my brother.
"Are you sure you want to come over?  I don't want anyone to catch anything."
"We'll be okay, We're coming."

My ninety one year old mom didn't want to miss seeing her grandsons.  She was dressed in her festive red jacket and Christmas Bell.

"Do you want a bell to ring around your neck?"  she always had extra to share for the occasion.

The Christmas Prayer was said as we gave thanks to God before dinner.  Every good thing comes from Him.

My mother is a good thing as we cherish her being with us one more year to celebrate Christmas.

As Uncle Max and Grandma were saying goodbye I said another prayer of safety as they drove home in the snow.

I called my mom to see if she made it home alright.  She said, "Oh Sandra, on the way home a woman was standing in the middle of the road as we got off the freeway.  I closed my eyes praying we didn't hit her.  Max swerved and avoided hitting her by the grace of God.  I was so glad she was okay."

Christmas miracles are around the corner.  God's protection is with us when we call upon the name of the Lord for help.  As I went to sleep on Christmas day I thanked God for my sons so sweet to help in time of need.  I thanked God for his safety as he kept my brother and mom  safe.  God is good all the time even when you have the flu on Christmas Day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grand Canyon by Sandra Kent

I wrote a children's book about the majestic Grand Canyon.  To celebrate my husband's 60th birthday and Michael's 21st we went to Las Vegas.  We had fun meeting friends and family there to celebrate.  We decided to take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon just east of Las Vegas.  We saw the Hoover Dam. Lake Mead, and  the majestic Grand Canyon.  I wrote a children's non fiction book using the pictures from our helicopter ride.    I hope you enjoy it.  Download the link.