Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Peaches, Our Forever Cat from Operation Kindness

We adopted Peaches, our forever cat from Operation Kindness a month ago.  She blends with our family perfectly.    She likes to play with toys and jumps high to capture feathers flying in the air.

Peaches curls up next to us on the couch as we watch TV.  She seems right at home as she purrs loudly.  When we view Animal Planet she likes to watch too.  I'm wondering what she is thinking as she sees the other cats in their homes.  She seems grateful we adopted her.   The previous owner had a life changing circumstance and had to give her up.  It must have been difficult because Peaches is the sweetest cat.  

Operation Kindness is a non-profit  adoption agency for cats and dogs who want to give them a forever home.   We were given a pass to check out the cats.  It is a family decision to adopt a cat so Michael helped us pick one out. There were a lot to choose from.  Some cats were aloud to roam around in a large room full of scratching posts.    Peaches was declawed so she was kept in a cage for protection because she did not have a way to defend herself.  When we petted her she was a little shy.  We didn't know until we got her home how outgoing she was.

We were given helpful advice to care for Peaches.  A vet came to make sure she was healthy enough to take home.

Peaches roamed around our home, sniffing every corner.  I think she might have smelled our former cat, Crystal.  She had died several years ago at the age of seventeen.  We had adopted her too when she was five years old.  It makes you feel good to give an older cat a forever home.  Peaches is already a blessing in our lives.  She greets you at the door after a day of teaching as if to say I'm glad you're home, I missed you.   We are so glad Peaches has found her forever home with us.

I feel pretty says Peaches.