Monday, April 22, 2013

Texas Bluebonnets In Their Glory On Earth Day

It was a glorious Sunday in April as I traveled the winding roads to capture the perfect photo and breath in the sweet smell of bluebonnets blowing in the wind.  What a great way to celebrate Earth Day.   I've been exploring the trails for over twenty years.  I remember taking Alex and Michael for their bluebonnet picture each spring.  Texans love to capture the perfect photo of loved ones amid the sea of blue.

Even the bulls kick up their heels in delight as they sample the moist tender plants.  Each corner of the trail was an adventure.  The town of Ennis is always so kind to give out maps of the best areas and show you with a highlighter how to navigate Texas Hills.  It's also a fun place to stop and shop for local crafts at their annual festival.   Country music is softly playing in the background of smoked brisket or frito pie.  It you want to taste the flavor of small town life Ennis is the place to go.  The entire community joins together to throw Texas hospitality.

Fences of orange and white edged with barbed wire bring angles of infinity.  Roads accent the never ending lines of beauty.  They section off farms and ranches holding cows grazing the delicious prairie grasses of the plains.

Texas adds its own flavor with majestic horses and humble donkeys grazing in fields.  Farms open their gates so onlookers can enjoy the bluebonnets with friends and family.  New England might have their leaves each October but Texas has their bluebonnets in April for the world to savor.  

Even old wooden houses look beautiful with a carpet of blue in their front yard.  Each home has a story to tell.  Some families may have purchased their land when Texas was a new state.

Sugar Ridge is the most popular destination to plop down in the flowers and take a great photo.

It's a little piece of heaven in Texas each April near Ennis.  It's just a 45 minute drive south of Dallas.  Come and enjoy the bluebonnets too.  

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