Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day A Time To Remember Jack Whatley

Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifice veterans have made so our country can be free and democratic.  Jack Whatley is a veteran to remember because of his service to his beloved country.   Our lives intertwined when my mom met him after my dad died.  She rekindled a friendship she had in high school with Jack.  They dated for seven years till his death this May of 16.  He sent her letters of love and devotion.

Jack flew with the Fifteenth Army Air Corps in Italy during World War Two.  He risked his life while flying twenty missions into Germany attaching the Nazi Regime.  Many of his fellow pilots died while flying their destinations.

He also served in the Korean and Vietnam War.  He held true to his convictions as a soldier and served his country for twenty+five years until retirement from the Air Force in 1966.

My mom remembers Jack fondly.  He could still fit into his old Bomber Pilot Uniform.  He took her on many trips to see his old buddies in the war.  We enjoyed hearing Jack's stories as he flew over Germany to fulfill his missions.   Memorial Day is a time to say thank you Jack Whatley for your service to our country.

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