Saturday, May 4, 2013

Texas Bluebonnets Children's Book by Sandra Kent

My new children's  book called, " Texas Bluebonnets', is now offered  at Barnes and Noble Nook.  ' See the link above.

I want the world to see how special our bluebonnets are in Texas.  Each spring our hills and prairies come alive with fields of blue.  Indians wrote legends about how bluebonnets came to be.  A little girl sacrificed her favorite doll to end the drought.  The ashes of the doll were spread in the grass.  The next day she awoke to see beautiful blue flowers like the color of her doll's feathers.

The first sign of spring are seeing the patches of blue.  Texans grab their children for a great photo.  Learn how it became our state flower through the bluebonnet wars.  Discover how bluebonnets germinate and what conditions help them thrive.  Without bees they would never pollinate so remember that the next time you hear the buzz among the flowers.

Ennis is the official Bluebonnet city in Texas.  Festivals sprout up around our great state in
the month of April to celebrate the joy of bluebonnets.

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