Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An Unexpected Visitor An Owl

I was sitting alone in our family room when I heard some noise.  I thought someone might have been knocking at our door.  I looked up and an owl was flying through the air trying to escape.  It landed on our French Drapes just peering at me.  I thought how do I get this owl out of our home without injuring the owl or me ?  It happened once before about ten years earlier and it was a family affair to get the bird out.

 This time my husband wasn't available to save me because he was busy working.  Next the owl flew across our room and perched on a painting just staring at me like what do I do?  His golden eyes followed my every move.  I called my two sons and said please bring friends to help me.  Of course I was screaming in the phone and I could hear them laughing.

"We'll be there Mom as soon as we can.  We'll bring help.  Calm down, it'll be okay."

  I remembered  about ten years before we took a towel  and wrapped the owl like a blanket so the talons didn't hurt anyone.

All of a sudden the owl flew to our crystal chandelier.  It looked so cute waving from side to side as the light swayed with the unexpected weight.  I decided to call my neighbor for support.  Jos came over right away and evaluated the situation.  She took a eucalyptus branch from an arrangement and swatted the owl gently saying, "Shooooo."  I opened the door and just as the owl was flying out five young men were coming down the path to my  rescue.  It was perfect timing because they got to see the owl fly away safely.

Are owls a sign that there is a change about to come.  Does God send animals to tell us something? It felt there was a message.  This time a friend helped me in time of need.  Friends are an important  part of life.  They help us in unexpected moments.  

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