Saturday, July 27, 2013

Joseph Topping Singer-Songwriter Multi Instrumentalist

  My husband and I discovered the talent of Joseph Topping playing at the Royal Oak in Edinburgh, Scotland.  There was a special concert at the lower level filled with fans wanting to hear his magical chords.

  He wrote many of his songs along with Scottish ballads that tell a story.  Joe is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist .  He has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

  As a young boy he was surrounded by music.  His dad Tom ran a folk club and showcased blues musicians such as Blind Jessie Fuller. Perhaps that is what inspired him to take a 1,400 mile solo walk across America.

  He had an old Gibson guitar strapped to his back and walked from Chicago to his final destination of New Orleans, the land of Jazz.  On his journey he traveled through St. Louis, Nashville, Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, and Baton Rouge.  Sometimes he found rest in the cornfields or patches of cotton.

  Joseph met musicians and characters along the road which inspired the lyrics to many of his songs in his album called, Ghosts In The Shadows.  His gift of story telling reminds me of the legend, Bob Dylan.

 After three pairs of shoes he finally made it to Louisiana with a desire to benefit story tellers and musicians in the Jazz community  He achieved awareness and funds for New Orleans musicians displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

 After his trek to America he accepted the invitation to join the band Elbow Jane.  They have played the main stages of many British folk festivals.

Ghosts In The Shadows  is a must have album to be inspired.  

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