Thursday, July 18, 2013

Momma Duck Is Back

The ducks are back. For over ten years a family of ducks chose our backyard as a safe place to make their nest. The first year I discovered twelve white eggs formed in a circle shape of love. I later noticed Momma Duck was dutifully keeping her eggs warm for twenty eight days. She stayed on her eggs through Texas Hail Storms and heavy rains. I grew to admire her determination to keep her eggs safe. Each year the ducklings hatched. My family enjoyed watching the ducklings swim and glide in our pool. They usually stayed for one or two days and left for the creek a half mile from our home. Last year I had just bought my first digital camera so I was determined to get a good picture. At first the ducks were shy. I pretended to be a statue and not make sudden movements. They got use to me over time. Momma and Daddy Duck seem to pose for the camera. I wrote a children's book to capture the week the ducklings stayed and left for the creek. Michael, my youngest was there when the ducklings left. He took pictures too. My youngest was leaving the nest for college. Watching the ducklings leave reminded me there is always the right time to leave the comfortable nest for new adventures.

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