Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weatherford Peach Festival A Little Slice of Texas Culture 2013

Each year the quaint town of Weatherford  brings together a Peach Festival to celebrate the season's crop.
Texans will have any excuse to have a festival but what a great way show to off the Weatherford's Farmers Market full of ripe peaches that are so sweet and juicy you think it is candy.  My mom couldn't go with me this year but I brought her a basket of peaches so she can make her delicious peach pie.

We tasted the most delicious homemade peach ice cream I think I've ever had.  Maybe its because it tasted so refreshing on a sizzling Texas Day of over a hundred degrees.

The local Methodist Church makes the ice cream and peach cobbler as a fund raiser for missions all over the world.
This sweet man reminded me of my father because he loved the Methodist Church.  He is volunteering his time to make delicious Texas fajitas  with grilled onions for the public to enjoy.  
It was a community spirit as this nice man helped to direct traffic.  They even had shuttles to  transport you to your car after walking to see all of the booths.
.  There were over two hundred vendors selling their goods.  I bought a handmade straw hat to protect me from the Texas rays.
It takes several hours just to set up your booth.  It was amazing the vast array of artist talent.  I bought a beautiful handmade leather case for my glasses from the leather booth.

You can't be in Texas without buying some turquoise jewelry.  This lady displays her sets of earrings and matching necklace with flare.  She goes to several festivals in Texas and many customers return to her booth because of her unique style and reasonable prices.  
This fellow sold delicious salsas and jellies along with his son.  He makes up his own recipes to sell.  It reminded me of the American spirit of small businesses working hard to make a living but showing their creativity in each product.
The Peach Festival in Weatherford is a little slice of Texas Culture.  The tradition of the courthouse is a reminder of the families who settled in Texas to start a new life.  Texas is full of hard working people who want to make a living by using their talents.  
Parker County shows a piece of  American values each summer in July.   .

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