Monday, July 22, 2013

William and Kate Have A Royal Baby Boy

Congratulations William and Kate, It's A Boy!!!!  The royal baby weighed eight pounds and six ounces of joy.  Prince William did not leave Kate's side while delivering their new baby boy.  It's the beginning of the new royal family.  He was born July 22nd at 4:24 p.m.  William had been born in the same hospital in 1982 as Diana first saw her precious son.

The child is now third in line to the British throne.  He will become Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  The infant is a living link to Britain's history.

Kate has eased into royal life to become more comfortable in the spotlight.  She played a supporting role during Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations last summer.

Her first months of pregnancy were not easy because she had horrible morning sickness which left her weak and dehydrated.

She took excellent care of herself and recovered well.  She made public appearances up until the final weeks of giving birth.

William and Kate plan to raise their precious baby boy in the renovated quarters at Kensington Palace where Will spent much of his childhood.

Kate's desire is to give her child a normal upbringing just as Diana wanted to give William the pleasures of childhood.  William supports his wife with love and devotion as they are so happy they have a new baby to adore.

The world cares about William and Kate because it's a celebration of family, love and royal history.  Families are the cornerstone of our societies and human race.  A new birth is a symbol of hope and a new beginning.  It assures generations are to follow in our family name and tree.  It doesn't matter what nationality you come from, families are the foundation of who we are and where we are going.

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