Monday, November 11, 2013

All Things Work Together For Good

All Things Work Together For Good

"Hook em Horns," the crowd roared.  "Another touchdown for UT." said the announcer.  We visited our son at UT because he is in the fast pace of pharmacy school.  He had to carefully plan enough hours to spend the day with us.  Each minute counts as you prepare for weekly tests.  "They don't have a curve." Michael says.  

"Jim you got us great seats for the game." I said.  We sat on the top row and it felt like a mountain top experience.  UT Band blasted songs of joy as the hardworking students marched to the rhythm of traditional songs.  Alumni sat in the stands remembering when they were in school, as they balanced their lives of studying hard and making new friends to last a lifetime. I liked the bleachers because we could stretch our legs and bounce to the beat.  The beat of union, the beat of unity, we are UT fans.  The Texas Longhorn was adopted as a mascot to show Texas pride in the ranching business.  Leather boots adorned the ladies and men as they cheered for their team.  

 UT is part of the State Capital.  Many  alumni are in important positions all over the world working as leaders because of their enriching education to build strong minds who ask questions.  The UT Pharmacy school is rated 4th in the nation because of the well known research which changes the lives of our planet.  Michael worked hard in his undergraduate classes, and enjoyed understanding the deep complexities of Molecular Biology.

 I love talking to Michael about science because he is so excited about seeing how our body is interconnected.  As a child he has always asked why?   I can remember his ant farm experiment scattered on the dining room table for a month.  One ant farm was covered and the other wasn't to see if the ants build more tunnels in darkness.  It was a family affair as we added more tubing so the ants could travel from farm to farm.  I honestly was sad to see the ants go but it was time to gain back the natural territory of our dining room table. 

"Mom, do you know what a cell is?"  Michael questioned.  "I think its the building block of tissue."  By the grace of God I remembered that from Anatomy and Physiology.  He acted a little surprised I knew and then explained why that's true.  

As we visited Michael's apartment he showed his dad and I two computers side by side.  One was for having a visual of the slides and the other gave the notes from the lectures.  I believe he is taking 9 different classes, each with difficult material to master.  He has found friends he can discuss the days information with.  The two white boards show his schedule and things left to do.  Things left to do is the theme for the first year of pharmacy school but with a balance of time and friends Michael will make it.  All things work together for the good who are called according to His purpose.

We left the game with UT Tshirts, pens, mug and of course, Bevo for my classroom.  I am officially both a UT and OU fan for both wonderful sons.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Called to His Purpose

The OU band was blasting songs of Oklahoma tradition in the heart of the University of Oklahoma.   As we toured the campus the summer before my son's freshman year five years ago, a fleeting thought came to my mind.  I wonder if Alex will go to the same law school as my dad?  But it's so competitive to get in.  Alex had done debate in high school and won a second place trophy the first time he debated his 8th grade year, but OU law school is big league.

  Alex graduated from OU with a double major in business and economics and  applied for law school in two places.  The first place accepted him right away but there was a little test of faith for OU.    When Alex  found out he was accepted to OU he was so excited we got in the car for a tour of the school.  I told the tour guide,"I've seen this library before, oh yes it looks like the same high ceilings with rich wood paneling in Dublin, Ireland.  The mock courtroom was large with empty seats in the front for important guests.  We envisioned Alex giving his first case in front of his peers and professors.

Fast forward to Alex's second year of law school  and it is the time in his life for him to be thinking about how he wants to practice law.  My husband and I went to see Alex and we were so proud he was making his grades in such a demanding school.  He must read pages each night to prepare for questions in class.  One time his battery  was dead and he didn't want to miss class so he went to the nearest convenient store and got a ride to class.

We visited his old fraternity house and got a ride with a freshman KA to the game.  The float was celebrating the theme of Peter Pan.  It's time to grow up and find you destiny.  

But Peter Pan wants to keep neverland alive.  Where boys have fights with Captain Hook and almost get pushed off the plank.  He wants to keep Wendy on the island of make believe.
It's game time!!!  People cheer, fight fight fight.  Ten more yards, ten more yards, Go Go Go.  Never give up, never give in, Go Go Go!!Thousands of people in the stands yelling for a common purpose, we have school pride.  Alex will find his purpose and destiny because God has brought him this far and will continue to help him.  Go Go Go Alex