Monday, June 22, 2015

Explore Granada Churches

I discovered many places of worship in Granada, Spain.  Iglesia de Santa Ana was celebrating mass on a summer evening in June with active members participating in a procession honoring Mary.  The church has been celebrating worship since 1501 when it was built by Diego de Siloe in a renaissance style.

Families came to practice their faith and pass traditions to their sons and grandchildren.

The red brick church was 16 century Mudejar style.  

Tapestries were held with strong arms to display honor.
Church members played their instruments
to the beat of the band marching step by step.
The procession passed across Plaza Nueva.
To the churches's courtyard in Santa Ana Plaza.

The colorful procession of lighted candles continued up River Darro.

Cars were decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Families greeted one another after mass.

Sons took care of their mothers.
It was a time of celebration of faith with pageantry.

The Cathedral of Granada was another expression of faith.  It was a Gothic style church built by Enrique de Egas.  On order of the Catholic Monarchs construction began in 1523.  It continued under the Renaissance masetro, Diego de Siloe, the same designer of the Santa Ann Church.  
Queen Isabella and Ferdinand wanted to be buried in the church. 
As I went inside the church had a sweet Spirit of peace.  
Fresh flowers were in display as floral aromas filled the space.
Each alcove had something special to share.
A church located in the Albecin  had been a prison, before it became a place of worship.
I heard nuns singing at around 12:00 in the church.  

There are many more places of faith to discover in Granada, Spain.  There are monasteries and  abbes waiting to explore.

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