Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Travel in Seville

This video was taken of our first night in Seville.  We took the local bus to old town.  It was very inexpensive and fun seeing the locals as we rode to our destination.  I always like to learn the history first so we went to the Torres de Orro.

It stood majestically next to the river as a fortress.  Go inside and see how the Spanish Navy dominated Europe.  
Spanish were excellent ship builders.  Seville was an active port for centuries.
Instruments were invented for navigation.
Stroll down the street and you will discover places to eat tapas.  This was my first tapa with potatoes and delicious spices.  
Luckily they're pictures so you have some idea what you are getting.
There are plenty of places to offer a carriage ride.  
We stumbled upon the University of Seville where students study and contemplate  what is important to the world.  It was a wonderful place to roam and discover learning.

We went inside the Seville Cathedral.  The immense alter piece was built between 1482 and 1533.  It has one thousand figures showing stories from the Old and New Testament.

The Cathedral was constructed in 1392 and was a place of refuge, a meeting place,  and a place to hire people.  

The greater part of the cathedral was constructed in 1420 to 1506.
Since most people couldn't read listening to the word read out-loud was important to the faith of the people.  
Stain glass windows told Bible stories and let in light.  
Gold was used to glorify God.
The ceilings were high to show the majesty of God.
On the second day we visited Plaza de  Espana.  A canal flows through the interior where visitors can row their own boat to enjoy the views.  
Anibal Gonzalez designed it in a semicircle with two towers.
Inside is a museum of military history.
There were uniforms from every time period.

Stroll down the street to the Museum of Fine Arts. 
Keep going further to the University of Seville.   
We ate lunch in the campus cafeteria.
I had delicious fish at a reasonable price.
The future of Spain looks promising.

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