Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Barcelona Scooters Have Advantages Americans Can Learn From

Barcelona is filled with people who ride scooters and motorcycles. On a recent trip I noticed them weaving in and out of traffic with ease.  Drivers might be in a nice suite, dress, slacks, or the latest fashion.  They all have one purpose, get to their next destination on time.
Americans can learn from Europeans because to cope with high gas prices, scooters are everywhere.  

  In Barcelona, they swarm around cars like a  school of fish surrounding a whale.  Huge buses don't intimidate them.  They have an amazing since of perspective and can judge distances between large cars.
Riders look very fit and agile as they gracefully flow in the ocean of traffic.  
Why are they so popular?  They get amazing gas mileage.  The Honda Metroplitan 50 gets 100 MPG because it's so small.  Even the larger Honda Silverwing gets 52 MPG.  Another advantage is scooters are inexpensive compared to cars.  For example you can buy a Kymco Agility 50 for 1,599 new.  They are cheap to insure and maintain.  Insurance may cost 90 dollars a year for basic liability.  A motorcycle is higher at around 500 dollars for the same coverage.  
Many are free to park or almost free.  Scooters can park closer to your destination. They have handy compartments for storage.  
Another advantage is they look cool.  Scooters come in all colors but the red is a favorite.

Women carry purses just to their side.  

Cars seem to respect scooters in Barcelona because it has become a way of life.  
The new electric scooter is also an option.  Tourists may rent scooters as a fun way to see the city.  They cost around 30 euros for one day and 91 euros for three days of sightseeing.  
Always wear a helmet to stay safe.  
All ages ride scooters as a inexpensive way to travel.

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