Friday, July 3, 2015

Momma Duck Came to Say Happy Birthday

It's July 3rd and Momma Duck came to say " Happy Birthday !".

  I hadn't seen her in a while so I was surprised she came.   My son and I were in the family room talking and laughing when I looked out the window to see her.

"It's Momma Duck ,"   I shouted.

The whole family knows about Momma Duck so Michael immediately looked up to see.  She was swimming alone.   We think Daddy Duck died in October.  She had another male companion for a while but they seemed to be fighting the end of May.  After that she left.

She came to the same blue edged spa where her ducklings hopped out of the water to get dry.
I wonder if she is feeling hot in this July heat. She probably missed Daddy Duck and her ducklings.

She swam in the pool and remembered when she taught her ducklings how to dabble for insects.

She hopped up to the place where she kept her ducklings safe.
She covered her feathers around the ducklings all night long.
The number one predator in the night was the cat.
She went inside the bushes where her nest use to be.  Is it possible she could still be laying eggs?
Or is she just remembering the duckling days.
She seems to know I care.
 She showed her majestic blue wing etched in white as she flew off to reach the sky.  I feel it was a gift from God that she came to see me today.  God speaks to us through his creation.  He says I love you through the rustling of the trees.  He says I love you through a flock of birds flying free in the air.  

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