Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Won Art and Seek Flickr Photo Contest for Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

I won Art and Seek Flickr  Photo Contest.   I had a lot of help from above because the light shone just at the right time.  I always take a lot of pictures if I like something so I took several shots.  See where the sun hits the last flower just at the right place.

Here is the link to the contest.  

Art and Seek is a part of KERA, a channel that informs the public of art, music and theater in the community.  It captures the culture of North Texas in its weekly articles.

The picture that won is from the Fabulous Sagrada Familia, a Church found in Barcelona, Spain.

La Familia Radience.

Gaudi was a genius when he designed the magnificent church.  I'd like to stay for a week, sitting in a pew,  just to see how the light shines at different times of the day.  Here is just a glimpse of it's glory.  

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