Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy 94th Birthday Mom!!

We celebrated the ninety four years my mom has been blessed to be on this earth.  The highlight of the day was seeing her grandson Alex.

 Her eyes beamed when he walked in the door and sang Happy Birthday to you!

"I love chocolate cake,"  she delighted.  "I think I'll have a little more," as she grabbed the spoon.  I was so happy she liked it.  I remembered chocolate was her favorite because every holiday she'd bake her Chocolate Sheath Cake recipe by scratch.  She used real Hershey chocolate with creamy butter.

"Do I blow out the candle? "She asked.  I kept saying, "Make a wish, make a wish,"  I knew she always liked to do that on her birthday.  But this year she just blew out the lit candle.

I brought her pink long stem roses because she loves flowers.  She kept pointing to them,
"Aren't they pretty."  She always had a pink rose bush growing in her backyard and she'd look at it through her kitchen window.  Birds love to play in her bird bath.

Alex sat by her on the bed as she kept asking him questions.  We all got into the party atmosphere by wearing Happy Birthday Hats!!!
She talked of her boyfriend Jack who she met at the age of 85.  She said,  "Why did he have to die?  I guess everyone has to at some point." she sighed.  I got out one of the hundreds of letters he wrote to her.  He always left a romantic song at the end of the letter   I read it out loud.  You are my sweetheart Sweet Sue.  I love you.  I thought Jack would have liked it that she remembered him on her birthday.

She was born in 1921 in Oklahoma City. She was raised on a farm where her job was to pick grapes every  harvest. She gathered  eggs quickly so she wouldn't get scratched by hens.   She has seen the dust bowl days, when her mom covered her face so dust would't settle in her lungs.  She remembered boyfriends she had to so say goodbye to as they went off to fight in World War II.  
She loved her brand new red shirt with sequins.  She wore her new scarf with red roses on it.  She has a trunk full of memories.  Life is a little hard now at 94.  Her back hurts and it's difficult to move her tired muscles.  But on her 94th birthday the joy was in her eyes.  She felt loved.

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