Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fort Worth Stock Show 2016

Fort Worth Stock show celebrates 120 years of tradition.  More than one million people will visit the rodeo and grounds.  Ranchers come to show their prize winning cattle.

You don't have to be a cowboy or cowgirl, you just have to appreciate western heritage.   People will enjoy a midway full of enticing food of funnel cakes and cotton candy.

  Cowboy boots come in all colors and styles for a comfortable fit.  Grandbury High School 16 year old, Daniela Cortez won the grand prize for the cover of the stock show program with a painting of cowboy boots.  She is the first blue winner for 2016 Show.  She wants to become an art teacher to use her talent to help children. The idea came from her mother's love of western fashion. Many students enter the art contest of talented artwork.

The Stock Show creates a hundred million dollars to the  economic wealth for the city of Fort Worth. About 4000 FH and FAA High Schools participate in the events.

 The legendary stock show contains  31,160 entries from 44 different states.   Twelve hundred  professional atheletes will compete in rodeo events.

The show opened January 15th and will run for 23 days, closing February 6th.  So plan ahead to get your rodeo tickets.  The price go from $20 to $28 dollars and will give you admission to the grounds.

 Parking cost $10. Visitors can take a $5 dollar shuttle leaving from Billy Bob's.  If you want to see all the amazing animals grounds, tickets are only $10 for adults and $5 dollars for children.  If your little one is under 5, they are free.

A new arena is planned to open the fall of 2019 and will be ready for the 2020 stock show. It will be built to seat 12,000 ti 14,000 people.  Ed Bass is the Stock Show Chairman and led as a leader to plan for future stock shows.  The improvements will cost $450 million dollars.     Original barns were  built in 1948 so they needed some updates.

 Cattle Barn 2 renovations are a prototype for future improvements to Cattle Barns 1,3, and 4.  The Swine and Sheep Barns will be finished by 2020 this year.   The new lighting  and ventilation help improve on the health of the animals.  Individual circuits to every stall were added for a vast improvement.  This is helpful when you need electricity to shave your sheep for the show.  They want to look their best.

The city of Fort Worth  and facilitates will share the cost.  They work as partners to improve a one hundred and twenty year tradition of fun.

If you want to learn more about Cowboys and Ranching visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Page.

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