Saturday, January 23, 2016

Eagle Fest 2016

Rains Country Eagle Fest celebrated twenty one years of enjoying Texas wildlife.  The community opened Rains High School as a place for vendors, families, and wildlife photographers to enjoy a beautiful Texas winter's day.  The goal was to find eagles nestled in bare trees. A bus from the high school took us to Lake Fork. A comfortable barge was awaiting us.

 Our barge tour had a discussion to if we really saw an eagle.  I want to believe we did.  Birds naturally camouflage themselves to hide from predators.  Even if it wasn't an eagle it felt like a glimpse into the life of nature on a cold winter Texas day.
Our barge captain was a volunteer from the community.  He steered his boat into waters with tree stumps.

  Occasionally we heard a thump, thump as his under boat was dragging things beneath the water.
Photographer's eyes were collectively looking for eagles perched on a limb of a tree.   
"Oh look, right between the branches.  I see a bird with a touch of white."
  There was evidence of birds making nests in tall trees.  They enjoyed the Texas sun as it beamed down on all living things.  

The sun shined on fishermen catching Texas Bass.  They grow big in East Texas Waters.  It'll be nice for dinner, pan fried with a little butter. 

The sandy shoreline had layers of earth settling over time.  Colors of copper, and light tan mixed with rock and roots was soothing to the soul.

We spotted a nest in the top of a lone tree.  Was an eagle sleeping inside the nest?  
Waves of color swirled in the wake of the barge.  The sky and lake merged into a mass array of pale blues, deep greens, and purple hues.  
Docks built over the blue waters wanted to touch the glassy surface.
Paths of wood connected nature with humanity.
Long lenses stretched to capture the beauty of nature.  
Was it a hawk, eagle or other bird of prey?
As nature lovers sat on the bus to view photos taken. there was a spirit of calm to witness the beauty of winter in Texas.
Coming back to Rains High School there was a Birds of Prey Show by the Blackland Prairie Raptors explaining how wild birds survive in the area.  I recognized this owl who had come inside our living room to perch on top of our oil painting.  Screech Owls like to live in the same place over time and nest in large Red Oak Trees. 

Vendors were selling fur pellets and interesting things of nature.
I purchased lovely products from Life is Fragile.  It reminded me of the duck feather just flapping on my window pane for several days.  She shared her story of how God helped her overcome addiction.  I loved her message of hope and redemption.  
 Thank you Emory, Texas for giving us a glorious day of discovery.


Anonymous said...

I loved this sweet story. I love the way it combined nature and man. The pictures were outstanding also. The story line was sweet and easy to read and follow. All children will love this with he pictures!

Seventy Two said...

This place was very comfortable. Restrooms were decent. Coming here with my friends was an amazing experience. This is my favorite event space NYC now, because of its excellent food, perfect lighting, vibrant atmosphere and great ventilation.

Sandra Kent said...

I hope to visit Eagle Fest again next January.